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Jieyang Hadeli Plastic & Hardware Company Limited Helps To Stay Organized With Storage Cabinet

Guangdong, China (May 29, 2019) – The need for storage cabinet differs based on different needs. Understanding this, Jieyang Hadeli Plastic & Hardware Company Limited has the best collection of cabinets.

In addition to producing a storage cabinet under the category called cabinet, the company offers other options like drawer and plastic cabinet for customers to choose from. Further, the company also produces and sells products under other categories like a bathtub, storage, chair and cleaning supplies.


For those looking for not just a storage cabinet, but also quality plastic products that do not cause any harm to them and to the environment can head to Jieyang Hadeli Plastic & Hardware Company Limited. The company uses good-quality plastic in the production of their products to make sure that the users get the best benefits and do not get any harm.

As the recognition for the quality, they maintain in their storage cabinet and also in other products, the company has received many certificates. They do not stop with production and supply of quality plastic products, but they produce and sell hardware items as well.


About Jieyang Hadeli Plastic & Hardware Company Limited:
This company is engaged in the production and sale of products that people use in their day-to-day life. The company is committed to producing high-quality plastic household products.

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Media Contact:
Jieyang Hadeli Plastic & Hardware Co., Ltd.
Address: 522000, #26, North Street of Wangjiang, Konggang, Economy District Jieyang Guangdong, China
Mobile: +86-13417623600



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